Selecting the Perfect Hood Vent for an Existing Stove

Regardless of whether the copper hood vent does not vent to the outside which is the ideal set up, it will in any case have an effect simply by drawing endlessly and scattered the unfortunate are that comes from an oven that is being cooked on. This is uplifting news for some as it is not generally conceivable to vent to the outside of the home. Prior to choosing a specific copper hood vent, it is essential to think about certain things.

Getting the Correct Size

Prior to hurrying to the store or picking a provider for a copper hood vent, it is essential to quantify the cooktop. The hood should cover the width of the burner region and be mounted close the back to cover the back burners too. In all honesty, there are some poorly introduced copper hood vents. To the extent tallness, the blower admission ought to be more than 2 feet over the cooktop. Assuming the oven is gas-controlled; one should calculate the warming limit in BTU to get a hood that offers the perfect measure of wind stream to be valuable and not simply enlivening.

Look at the Features

The primary highlights on a copper hood vent are the fan speed and the lighting levels if there is lighting included on the hood. On the off chance that there is lighting, consider whether LED or halogen will be better. For some it does not make any difference for other people, they would lean toward it match existing lighting in the kitchen. An extraordinary component on certain vents is the capacity to have it turn on when important and stopped all alone. Obviously, it will be more costly the more highlights it offers.


The blowers on copper hood vents rate by cubic feet of the air they can successfully clean in brief’s time. This is called CFM. The higher the rating, the more wind current it can deal with best 48 inch gas cooktop. As the familiar saying says, greater is better. Costs will go up however it will be certainly worth the speculation. Electric cook tops can have a reach hood appraised in CFM, yet gas cooktops ought to be evaluated by BTU of the reach and afterward CFM of the hood. Obviously, an incredible source is a salesman or the maker/developer of the decision copper hood vent.


Commotion is another significant factor while picking a copper hood vent. An exceptionally noisy vent can be irritating, driving the proprietor to not utilize it as regularly. At that point this invalidates the general purpose of having one. While it might look decent, why bother on the off chance that it does not perform well. The higher the sones a hood vent has, the stronger it will be.

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