Get to know about Singapore School System

As in other Countries, Singapore seems to education for its future, and it has produced a sound foundation in order to satisfy this particular dream. It is implemented deliberate attention from its pre-schools into the academic halls of its universities.

Pre-school level

Enrolled pre-school education is offered by childcare places for youngsters aged 3 to 6.

All are operated by foundations, religious bodies, social and business organizations. They operate over various periods of somewhere in the selection of two 1/2 and 4 hours, 5 times seven days teaching English or Mandarin as a second language.

Primary school level

A primary College understudy undergoes 6 years of primary education in English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education and Social Studies.

Understudies are streamed according to functionality and have to progress annually 6 before sitting the Primary School Leaving Examination.

Australian understudies are approved supplied vacancies are available.

Singapore’s teaching methods in mathematics was adopted internationally as a model for teaching the topic.

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Secondary school level

At secondary School degree understudies are streamed into two classes; those wanting to read for 4 decades and sit ‘Ordinary’ or sit for the ‘Normal’ after 4 decades and move to the GCE’O’ level examination following the fifth year.

Understudies are also given the choice after 3 decades of research to indicate their selection of orders, irrespective of whether they prefer the Arts or Sciences.

The educational program offered at this level is recognized globally.

Post-secondary school education

Upon Finishing the GCE’O’ Level examination, understudies receive a wide assortment of options. They can either register in a junior college or attend a polytechnics institute.

Junior college

After effectively sitting to the private school in singapore, understudies may apply to a junior college for a 2-year pre-university class or enter a centralized institute to get a 3-year pre-university course. Both those institutes prepare understudies for their entry into the university and put a firm basis for their tertiary education.

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