This comedy movie hits telugu audience very much: Nandini Nursing home

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Nandhini nursing home is a south indiantelugu film written and directed by P.V. Giri. It is a comedy drama film that has emotion in it. This comedy movie hits telugu audience very much and is one of the top comedy movies released in telugu. This film is best suitable to watch along with your friends to have a simple and entertaining night. It is a must watch film as it is the debut film for the lead actor in the film Naveen vijay Krishna. Watch Nandini Nursing home movie online for sure.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Naveen Vijay Krishna

Actress: NithyaNaresh

Other actors: Sravya, Veelana Kishore

Director: P V Giri

Producer: Radha Krishna

Music: AchuRajamani, Shekar Chandra

Editing: Karthika Srinivas

Other information:

Runtime: 152 mins

Release date: 21 oct 2016

Genre: romantic, comedy thriller


The story begins with Chandoo, who couldn’t get to become a certified doctor, so he gets his documents faked and joins in a nandini nursing home by cheating. He impresses a beautiful girl named nandhiand also her father who is a chief doctor in the same nursing home. Chandoo being an illiterate in medicine, he always maintains his luck and gets into good hands when it comes to impressing nandhini. He got the impression from both father and daughter as he saved nandini from a fatal accident that could ruin her life in seconds. He gets into a better position in the hospital whilst torturing vennelakishore and trying to impress nandhini more as he falls for her. As he goes on with such life, bad things happen to threaten her father’s life and the reputation of the hospital. He takes step into solving the and horrible truths comes out.

Technical Assets:

  • This movie is made for laughter and Both the concepts were wonderful on paper and the audience got an understanding of what the story has to depict.
  • Music, chills and goosebumps are for sure while the scene happens and background music goes on. It has a very powerful hold on the movie.
  • Screenplay is very detailed and handcrafted. Dialogues, BGM, Acting of the artists and are clearly near to perfection.
  • Direction of the movie is so good! In that small budget making a movie like this with so much advanced technology and with great crew is fabulous.

Artists Performances:

  • Naveen Vijay Krishna is a very cute, handsome and talented actor. He has the most expressive face to get the audience to indulge.
  • Sravya is beautiful as always. He play that innocent and the other side very well. Very appropriate and appreciable role in the movie
  • NityaNaresh is a charmer! Her dimples and acting worked very well in the film

This is an entertaining film to enjoy watching along with your loved ones to pass your time. The comedy and love in it will impress you as it feels original. This comedy movie hits the Telugu audience very much and one of the top comedy movies in recent times. Watch Nandini Nursing home movie online to laugh and have some fun.

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