Everything you need to know about Durian Mao Shan Wang!

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In Singapore, Durian is considered the king of fruits. There are several dishes prepared with Durian. There is a ritual in Singapore- the Durian Party. At this party, every family member comes together to celebrate and enjoy every dish prepared using the Durian fruit. These parties have gained popularity in the past decade. Here we bring you details about a particular dish- Durian Mao Shan Wang

  • Creamy Texture

This particular dish is considered the creamiest snack of all time. It has many complex upper layers that finally reveal the creamy texture. This creamy texture is the reason many children prefer it. The look of the dish feels divine, too; it appears golden and buttery. This is the reason it is also called Butter Durian. This dish also confuses your taste buds by leaving a bitter aftertaste that makes you yearn for more. As durian is the king of all fruits, this dish is also called Musang King. Many restaurants in Malaysia host their Durian Parties wherein people arrive with their family, devour these Durian dishes and leave with an everlasting memory.

These details are just the tip of the iceberg; thereis more to this dish. Researching well about these dishes will conclude that this dish is healthy as well and can be consumed frequently. Durain based restaurants have Musang King on the top of their menu as the best seller. So, what are you waiting for! Go for it!

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