Nutrition Guidelines for Women in Confinement

A Must Have Drink and Dish

Both Asians and many other ethnic groups should have their post-birth diet, a must. It is based on the belief that the mother’s health was significantly weakened during the fertile period of the birthing process, during which a lot of blood was lost.

For ethnic Chinese, during the first 30 days after the birth of a child, this is called the “confinement” period. This is one of the most critical periods when the mother’s body can absorb the necessary nutrients with maximum efficiency. During the delivery period and the new mom’s stay in the house, you should be careful to minimize the impact of wind adverse weather conditions and the public.

As a living place of detention, dama is most often used for cooking and caring for the mother and newborn. There are differences in the type of confinement food catering singapore and preparation of different dialect groups and different regions of China. However, the main ingredients used are essentially the same. 

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Nutrition during Confinement Period

Ginger is believed to have the warm and warm properties needed to move with the wind in the human body. The skin’s pores, which are believed to have been opened and the joints are free, are getting ready to work and will continue to be in condition for a short period after giving birth. This is when the” wind ” of the climate will have entered the body when it is exposed to a cold environment. Ginger should conflict with the cold of the wind and its effect on the body.

Black vinegar is used during the cleaning of the uterus and the remaining blood clot. It is usually prepared with ginger, pork trotters, and leaves for a few hours; the trotters turn out tender and delicious. This confinement food catering singapore dish is boiled in a huge cauldron and eaten for several days. Wine is a tonic, a wine that is very useful in the warm earth and nourishment of the body. It is also necessary to aid blood production and circulation. So eat it. Otherwise, the soup will be boiled with lots of wine, and ginger is for this purpose.

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