All you need to know about online feng shui consulting singapore

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 The online feng shui consulting singapore has tried to reach out to its clients and customers worldwide to provide them with the best services they have to offer. They even have made provisions for all their clients who have settled outside the country by providing them with off-site consultation. They have adopted a new medium of providing these services that do not require any physical visit for the job to be done. They have been capable enough to provide online consultation on all spheres of feng shui with the help of the internet.

What is all information required to get consulting services?

To avail of the online feng shui consulting singapore, there are specific questions that one needs to answer. These are s follows:-

  • A map that would locate all the roads and surroundings.
  • A proper scanned copy showing the floor plan.
  • Plan depicting the room, including the furniture.
  • Photographs of all the rooms as well as the washrooms.
  • A detailed study of the main door through the compass reading.
  • Birth certificate or data of all the residents living there.
  • The date on which buildings are constructed.

Get your feng shui consulting services

The kind of services they provide is similar to that of physical consultation because of the excellence they deliver. Certain services in Singapore aspire to provide people all around the globe and have helped them channel the power of qi. It shall help you gain a better understanding and insight into the environment’s effect on people and their mentality.

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