How to make the most out of coloured envelopes

One surefire way to get your marketing materials or letters on the top of the pile and ensure your mail is reviewed first is by using colour envelopes. Mailings or advertisements are extremely competitive, and you could lose your chance for a sale if your content is not reviewed first. Colours stand out in people’s minds and make them remember your business for being different. It is important to ensure that if you regularly mail out items that you have a process in place for ordering the stationery that you need and storing them in Lin Bins or other storage units ready for easy access by your staff.

coloured envelopes

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Christmas and birthday cards tend to have colour envelopes for this exact reason as we subconsciously tend to pick those to open up first due to our inquisitive nature.

Colour envelopes invoke a positive, happy response associated with something good.

Benefits of colour envelopes

Imagine that a director gets a large amount of mail on an average day, and it is mostly in white or brown envelopes. That’s nothing to get excited about, right? When they see your brightly coloured envelope, it will leave them wondering what is inside and move to pick that one up first.

If you want to do mail advertisements or campaigns and ensure your information is top of the pile, invest in colour envelopes to attract the addressee to your content first.

coloured envelopes

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The colours could be subtle and match your logo, or perhaps you could utilise brand colours. Alternatively, you can go for the brightest colour you find. The world is your oyster, and there is a huge array to choose from. Either way, any change from the standard white or brown envelope is sure to increase the likelihood of the addressee viewing the contents of the envelope.

Other benefits of colour envelopes include the ability to colour code responses. For example, if you do a mail shot and wish to get a sense of responses, colour coding the envelopes means you can easily identify which responses belong to which campaigns and prioritise reviewing accordingly.

Easy to find

There is plenty of other evidence to suggest that this is an effective strategy to ensure your important information is noticed. More information on this subject can be found in The Exeter Daily.

It’s about time you think about how changing your mailing strategy to move away from the normal usual white or brown could benefit your business today.

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