Office workouts you can do from your desk

If you work in an office and spend long periods of time sitting at your desk, you may benefit from doing some desk based exercise. By getting the blood pumping around your body, you will find you are more productive too.

Office workouts

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Over 80% of office workers have admitted they don’t leave the office at all during the day.


This simple exercise is great for wrists which are constantly under pressure from using a keyboard. Hold your arm out in front of you with the palm facing upwards. Using your other hand, pull the fingers back towards you creating a forearm stretch.

Press your hands together in a prayer position and then bend the wrists gently from side to side.

Sit up straight and place one arm behind the hip then twist. Repeat on the other side.

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operator chairs

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Hip and leg flexes

Sit up straight and lift each leg off the floor and hold. Do the same thing, but this time extend the leg. To work your inner thigh, place a rolled-up towel between your knees and squeeze or pulse.


Check that your chair is in position and then lift yourself up and balance in a squat position just above the chair. This can also be done standing on first one, then the other leg. Another exercise you can do while sitting, is to place your hands either side of the chair and bend your elbows and lower your body up and down.

Upper body

Sit up straight and using a full water bottle, lift the bottle to the height of your shoulder and then slowly up above your head and back down. You can also use the bottle to do a bicep curl by holding it in your hand and bending at the elbow.

Ab twists

Holding the water bottle in front of you, twist to each side as far as you feel comfortable. Then hold the bottle above your head in both hands and bend to the left and right as far as you can.

Do reps on each side and don’t undertake any exercises if you are injured, in pain or have a medical condition.

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