The New Signature Cake Series is an exciting ensemble for all chocolate cake lovers

What’s superior to enjoying your piece of chocolate cake with some tea or espresso? Made fresh every day, they are worth to die for.

Best Signature Cake providers in Singapore

 A bite of Original Cake is everything it takes to evoke the feelings of wistfulness. Original Cake’s signature offering, the delicacy, remains consistent to its roots. These cakes are carefully handcrafted, prepared new every day are ideal for any celebration.

Original Cake is committed to delivering delightful and customary cakes of satisfaction in Singapore. There are such a large number of cakes you can get at other places with different flavors however why Original cake? Because it uses the traditional formula, Enjoy the egg taste on each bite, despite the fact that it is soft, yet it is compact and thick as well. It doesn’t need any extravagant decorations or garnishes, a traditional formula is a key to a delightful cake.

Signature Cake Series

Another such shop providing exclusive range of delicious chocolate cake is awfully chocolate. It offers the widest range of chocolate birthday cakes in Singapore. Awfully Chocolate cakes are baked fresh and delicious every day.

Some of the best collection in the signature chocolate series includes

  • All Chocolate cake
  • Chocolate Espresso Cake
  • Chocolate Banana Cake
  • Black forest cake

This signature series range from $30 -$80 which are baked fresh every single day and are perfect for any sort of celebration. Here products are on the whole high quality and handmade. We that lone premium quality chocolate products are imparted to our customers.

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