Electronic Signatures for Hierarchical Approval and Authentication

In corporate associations endorsements alongside electronic signatures are required at every step of any business process. A large number of the business processes require sequential endorsement in type of electronic signatures in hierarchical order, depending on the authorities involved in the process. In case of basic business processes like records, finance and human resource hierarchical sequence and authentication of the endorsing authorities are of most extreme importance. Ordinarily these affirming authorities need to include their remarks also alongside their electronic signatures.

In scenario of paper-based system, such processes get considerably delayed and increase cost overheads as it involves numerous commercial resources. Along these lines associations prefer electronic documentation and correspondence, which is quick, easy and financially savvy. What is more, in this way arises significant need of keeping up the hierarchy and above all authenticating the signers. Digitally marking electronic documents is the most preferred approach to address these needs.


Let us see a simple example of leave application in an association. Employees seeking leave need to apply to concerned authorities for endorsement fpt ca. Application process may fluctuate depending on the hierarchy in hierarchical structure and human resource policies of that association. In any case, the essential concept of use and endorsement remains same.

Any employee seeking leave will draft a leave application mentioning the required details, sign it and send it to his/her immediate manager. Manager may then check the application, include his/her comments about the endorsement, sign it and send to human resource executive. Human resource executive then includes his/her comments for acceptance of the data, signs the application and archives the same for further records.

This single application document needs to experience multiple authentication processes to be executed by different people involved. Each person right now needs to add comments to the document and sign. This demands for an answer which bolsters multiple signatures, permit multiple people to add new content to the document and sign it without negating the previous signatures. Section marking feature of E-Lock ProSigner comes as a convenient choice in such circumstance.

ProSigner offers a choice to use the section feature of Microsoft Word to break the document in multiple sections and permits marking authorities to sign these sections independently of each other which can be verified. Along these lines each signer can add new content to the document without negating previous signatures and furthermore ensures the integrity of the content.  ProSigner bolsters marking documents with secret phrase protected credentials or PKI based digital certificates. It very well may be used to sign documents of internal correspondence with secret word protected credentials to authenticate the internal users with in an association. Or then again it very well may be used to sign the document with PKI based digital certificates to authenticate them for inter-association correspondence.

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