Stages And Processes Of Film Production

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Ever wondered how films are made? Then you should check out the film production singapore. Many things are thought of when producing films, the casts, the scripts, the plots and the actors. If you are hoping on starting your company majorly producing films, there are things you would need to know.

What is film production?

Filmmaking is the process of making a motion picture, involving several complex and discrete steps. It usually starts with an initial story, an idea or a commission.

It is the production stage which is also known as principal photography; when the shooting starts.

Stages of film production

  • Development. This is the first and crucial step in film production. It involves the production process, the bringing out of the plot, ideas and drafting out the script.
  • Pre-production. This is the stage where you bring in a production company to set up an office. Here you begin to plan for shooting. It also involves finalizing your shooting scripts and making your corrections where necessary.
  • Production. Also known as principal photography. This is where the shooting begins. The additional crew needed are hired at this stage and they are supervised. The make-up and costume departments are employed here.
  • Post-production. At this phase, the audio and visual materials are cut and merged into the film production. The editor at this stage will compile and assemble the clips shot by shot, adding the sound, music and other effects that are needed.
  • Distribution. This is the final stage. This occurs after the movie has been edited and is ready to be viewed. Here the promotional marketer will advertise and promote the movie to investors and any investors and rights holders will be done here.

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