Home fragrance ideas for your home

A clean, crisp fragrance is inviting for visitors to your home; what’s more, there is a range of options focused on creating a warm and welcoming scent. You can easily create your own air fresheners and potpourris and even reed diffusers, which also make fabulous gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Home fragrance

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Diffusers can last for months

Reed diffusers consist of bottles filled with essential oils and provide a long-lasting scent for the home. The aroma is distributed by the rattan reeds that are inserted into the bottle. A diffuser bottle with a thin neck will ensure the scent is released slowly into the atmosphere.

Linen spray ensures a pleasant aroma in bedrooms

Bring the old-time scent of lavender fields to your home with a fresh linen spray; alternatively, if you prefer a clean, crisp scent, there are lots of citrus fragrances out there. Spray the bed sheets for instant relaxation at the end of the day or lightly fragrance your towels and linens.

Scented wax tarts can be crafted at home

Scented wax tarts or melts can be made using paraffin or soy wax. Simply add an essential oil, pour into a mould, and allow to cool. These can be made safely at home using natural ingredients or can be purchased from a range of retailers.

Home fragrance

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Scents are inviting and welcoming to visitors

Glorious scents are inviting to visitors, while double glazing can add comfort and improve energy efficiency. Keeping warm during the winter months is essential and Worcester double glazing companies such as https://www.firmfix.co.uk/ can transform your house into a home. Adding an element of warmth and cosiness, this is an ideal solution to combat chills in the home.

According to Heart, shoppers can enjoy the scent of childhood favourites Parma Violets and Love Hearts in scented home fragrances.

Air fresheners for traditional homes

Some older homeowners who live in more traditional properties like to opt for the simple home air freshener. These can be bought from supermarkets or boutiques and come in aerosols, exhibiting a range of flavours from pine to rose and lavender.

Scented sachets can be used to add fragrance to clothes

Place scented sachets in drawers to add a rich, fresh flavour to clothes such as socks and handkerchiefs. They can also be used in wardrobes to ensure outfits maintain their freshness.

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